Q: What brands of vehicles do you service?

A: C.S. Cantlin services all vehicles. We specialize in luxury imports such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus, Audi, Land Rover, but our work is by no means limited to these vehicles. At C.S. Cantlin we pride ourselves in our ability to serve all vehicle needs for our customers, from scheduled maintenance, to audio enhancement, to bodywork and detailing. There is no limit to the brands we work with or the services we perform. 

Q: What sets you apart from the dealership?

  • We offer high quality service at a competitive hourly rate
  • We form good relationships with our customers and treat them like family
  • We offer firm price quotes and stay in communication regarding any changes in schedule or additional repairs needed
  • We communicate any dealer-only warranty repairs or recall items so that you can have repairs addressed by the manufacturer as appropriate

Q: What accommodations to you offer to make your services convenient? 

A:  We provide reasonable hours to accommodate our customer’s work and life schedules; we offer local shuttle services and pick up and delivery; we offer after hours drop-off and pick-ups; we arrange all of your vehicle needs from maintenance and repair to detailing and bodywork. Let us make the arrangements and make us your one-stop facility for all your vehicle needs. 

Q: How Often should my Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil be changed? 

A: We typically recommend a synthetic oil change between each Scheduled or Major Scheduled Service Interval, or every 3,000-5,000 miles. Even if your vehicle has low mileage, time alone plays a role in impacting engine oil; over time moisture builds up and breaks down the composition of your vehicle's oil, impacting it's effectiveness. Our technicians will note the date and mileage of your next oil service on your service sticker -- we recommend scheduling before reaching whichever comes first of these two indicators.